Tim Tszyu

Global Truck Imports is a proud sponsor of Tim Tszyu and Team Tszyu 2.0

Tim Tszyu is an Australian light middleweight professional boxer.

The son of legendary former light middleweight world champion Kostya Tszyu, Tim began to follow in his champion father’s footsteps at a very young age.

His journey of hard work, persistence, and never-ending commitment has seen him propel into the public spotlight since he was first announced to the world in 2011.

Tim has continued to forge his own path as he follows in his father’s footsteps.

As a sponsor it's an exciting time to be on board with Tim and the team as they chase the world title.

To follow Tim's journey or get team merchandise check out www.timtszyu.com.au

Team Tszyu 2.0

Tim Tszyu

Nikita Tszyu

A former amateur champion in his own right, Nikita looked destined to follow his older brother Tim and champion father Kostya into the world of professional boxing. In a polar-opposite career change, Nikita gave boxing away to study Architecture.

In his own words Nikita describes Architecture as a little too boring for him, and his energy inside was hating it.

Once Nikita returned to training his will and boxing determination popped up again, and it felt right.

Nikita comes to the boxing ring with bad intentions. He’s a powerful puncher and his nickname “The Butcher” is for good reason.

Global Truck Imports is excited to be a part of Nikita’s journey from the start of his professional fight career, and we wish him every success.

Nikita Tszyu celebrates with the crowd

Nikita Tszyu knockout punch

Nikita Tszyu celebrates with brother Tim Tszyu

"Shotgun" Shannon O'Connell

"Shotgun" Shannon O'Connell is The Queen of Australian Boxing and one of the toughest and hardest working atheletes in the world.

With a decorated professional career spanning 11 years, Shannon has won numerous titles including the WBF World Featherweight Title.

Shannon is a great ambassodor of Australian sport with her "never quit" attitude.

Global Truck Imports is proud to be behind this super star of women's sport.

Shannon O'Connell in action

Shannon O'Connell victory

Global Truck Imports is a proud sponsor of Shannon O'Connell